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I am a child:

All I know about is happiness

I am happy dwelling in my parents love

I am cheerful playing with my friends in the world I know

I realised the happiness is not everlasting

I need to pray God to last it forever

I prayed to keep my friends forever

I wished him help me dodge from my parents for my mischiefs

I begged him to protect me from my teachers cane-lashes

Done with the problems

I never need to ask anything from God.

I am a teenager:

My world is marvelous with new sparks

Spectacular like a rainbow

Even then I had a gift to take from Almighty;

I may be showered with high laurels

I may be blessed with a lovely partner

I am delighted;

God fulfilled my list.

No more urges.

I am middle- aged:

I am satisfied with my little family and fortune

why am I again aching to call my Highness quite often

I suppose something is void in my life

I want to clarify with him

I am afraid it can’t be a wish to do something great

But it is;


I want to be a celebrity though I am obscure of its meaning

The dream wasn’t come true

The SupremeBeing might have reserved a big thing for me

I am not satisfied

I brooded all my life about it

One day a sudden storm broke out

Humankind lost its hope of tomarrow

To my surprise God spared me, my every thing

Now I understand what assurance should I take from him

Now I could see many kids who didn’t feel happy childhood like me

I could notice the teenagers who couldn’t accomplish the things I had

I could see many who didn’t have normal life but a suffering

O God:

Give me the hope

Give Me the strength

Give me the courage- to dream a glowing future even in the last flick of hope

Accompany me every second

Make me walk in the path you paved for me

O God:

I am greatful to you

I am blessed by you

I am contented.


I am Anjana Lahuri. I work in Taxes

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