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My Baby

When I searched for splendour pearls in a shell;

I am surprised I found them in my baby’s cutey mouth.

I am proud to turndown the bow of rich roses;

As I had countless of them in my little one’s lovely cheeks.

Why should I be awestruck at the wonders of the world;

When my toddler himself is a wonder to me.

I am not interested in a fairytale anymore;

Now I am living in it.

I stopped hunting for divinity everywhere;

It is right infront of my dearone’s godly eyes.

I don’t accept if anybody says the stars are more sparkling than my kids milky teeth.

I dare to laugh at Moon God when he assumes he has the cool continence than my darlings.

I cherish being a mother.

I am revelling in motherhood.

I wonder,

Is there anything more sacred than this!

I can’t fathom a delightful duty than this.

I am certain,

It is the Reverend responsibility.


I am Anjana Lahuri. I work in Taxes

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