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I am devastated when I found myself in the darkness

I don’t find a way to come out

I am afraid Is this forever!

Stop worrying; some body said.

Can’t you wait till the morning!

Should I!

You must!

I wonder what should I do meanwhile!

I asked somebody.

Just whatever required to move on from the night, she said.

I agreed, I slept peacefully for some time;

The light never showed up!

I can’t wait more!

I wonder I would do something to get the dawn;

I did some braveries;

I displayed some intelligence;

I tried some novelties;

I am frustrated.

I asked somebody; what more should I do to get the glory!

She said;

You attempted all the virtues except the one that is required;

It is the patience!

Be diligent till the darkness passes;

And see what you can see!

I listened this time;

It was my inner selfsaying;

I could pass on to the morning;

The threshold of my life.

To embrace all the brightness spread there.


I am Anjana Lahuri. I work in Taxes

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