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You look so beautiful today;

Lovely too;

Gorgeous too;

Vivacious too;

Too, too,too…

What is the secret!

Glitter angel asked me; hovering in the lush grass, in a cloudy night.

Yes I am! I said.

Why should I reveal it to you!

You seem so proud of you; that you only can glisten like a queen.

But it is my day;

I shine, I sparkle, I dream, I said.

Oh, I know the mystic behind your gallance, she said.

You are going to be a bride!


Allow me to decorate you dear, she said.

Oh no… what you know about beauty except blinking in the dreadful darkness, I said.

Don’t you see I am beautifying the duskiness, she said.

I become a bright bindi on your blushy face, she said.

Mama Moon promised me on that, I said.

Stick me to be a stud on your magnificent sarry, she said.

The glorious stars got that chance, I said.

Set me up in your brilliant Bangles, she said.

Snow lets are chilling for it, I said.

I wonder if I wrap around you.

Cool breeze took the pleasure.

I bring my whole group to shower on your head.

The floral squad will fight against you.

Atleast let me dab my glow upon you.

The snowy spray is waiting to do.

Alright then, she said gloomily.

I felt for her.

Fine then!

You can ride over my forehead to be my monge-tikka and glitter as much as you want, as natural you do.


I am Anjana Lahuri. I work in Taxes

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