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My Prayers #1

Even when the world is upsidedown for me;

Even when I shattered with the difficulties I couldn’t cope up;

Even When I battered with the torments I was unable to bear;

Even when I shrunken with a broken heart that I couldn’t mend;

Even when I engulfed by the swirls of dread that become the Shadow of mine;

Even when my eyes are scorched by the heat of desertion and humiliated by the mirages;

It is my prayer to the ultimate power;

with folded hands, closed eyes, pure soul:

O God!

Don’t make me to loose the hope upon you;

 That you will rekindle my destroyed life.

That you will lit my dilapidated ambitions.

May be by catching even a last ray of daylight – ready to doom into dusk and directing towards me.

May be by picking a light streak of a cyclone – lasts only for a glint and throwing upon me.

May be with a cinder born out of collision of insensitive lithos and ignite my collapsed life.

May be in an innumerable ways .

May be in a single miracle way.

And rejuvenate my life in a spectacular way.

Dont make me loose my hope upon your caress upon me.


I am Anjana Lahuri. I work in Taxes

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