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I might not have been in this world if my mother didn’t give the birth

I might not have seen it if the Sun doesn’t exist to show me

I might not have get the knowledge if my teacher didn’t teach to me

I owe to the people who put me on this earth

I wonder what is the purpose for my being here

what if I don’t know the way to live

But I have a Sun to my life

The first man in my life

The fountain of my life

The man who invited me with his affectionate hands  first into this world 

Who hugged me to his heart with oceanic emotions

With warmth tears

The man who has shown the world to me having my little hand in his hand

The man who told me the brave things nourishing his fingers through my hair while l recline on his chest

The man has fulfilled my every need in advance

The man who tapped on my shoulder for my successes

The man who never left my side in my failures

The man who thrived day and night for my growth

 The man who forbidden his wishes to pray for my wishes to be fulfilled

My Father, my role-model

I wonder I might not have known the way to live without him.

To all the fathers who paved an inspirational path to their children to move on

Salutes in million ways


I am Anjana Lahuri. I work in Taxes

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