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There are galore of colours in life;

As many as in a sky-bow.

How could I only see a dark one?

There are plenty of shades of life;

 As many as in existence.

 How could I only feel the sorrowness?

There are many clear cut paths through the life;

As umteen as meant by optimism.

 How Could I always stick-up into a maze?

There are varied beliefs about life;

 As many as in humanity.

 How Could I Only believe in hatred?

There are legion angelic moments of life;

 As more as leading to the enlightenment.

 How Could I Only live in death?

The questions are endless.

 The only answer is my prayer to you.

O God!

 For all your wizardry:

shower me with all colours of life,

Screen me in all the shades of life,

 Emancipate me about all beliefs of life,

Guide me through the honourable paths of life,

Stimulate me to live only in merry moments of life, in an optimistic way.


I am Anjana Lahuri. I work in Taxes

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