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My Baby#1

Oye browney crowney sparrow

I don’t have time to listen to your tweeds

I am brimfull by my nunny’s funny tweets

Oye purple noble peacock

You don’t wait to dance with me

I did heartful with my rocky cherry

Oye whity brighty swan

I don’t prefer your pond to swim

I do in my honey’s joshy bath stream

Oye greeny pretty parrot

I don’t lounge to hear your sweet words

I hear rather my darl’s precious verses

Oye ruckus cuckoo

You don’t hassle to sing in the rosy woods

I have my Nightingale to ring in lovely loads

Wait Wait

You don’t be sorry

I do send blissy-coolley pigeon

To invite you all to my Smiley’s playee party

Inform all the naif mischief megafauna

To bring all the cheery to my Sunny’s fun-camp.


I am Anjana Lahuri. I work in Taxes

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