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Grand Mother Said

Grandma Said:

They welcomed the days with a clear view of bright-orange-red Sun dawning over the hills

They invited the mornings with the whistles and chirps from their henhouses and tree nests

They costumed the twilights with decorated thresholds and auspicious rangoli’s

They received the midday’s charm with farming and eating amidst the blooming harvest

They travelled along the post-noon when the Sun lurked through the foliages then slip into the brook beside bushes

Where they quenched their thirst along with their pet-herds

They returned in the shade of yello-gold- brownish Sunset to their coolant thatched abodes with dusty fragrant clads and fulfilled faces

They performed their dusk-tasks without any hustle- bustle with sparkling vigour in flaring fire sticks

They sleep under the moon splashed courtyards peacefully leaving behind tomarrow’s heart strained worries

 Telling the fairytales dreaming princy horses

I wonder I might see a day like that

Once  in a while

Once in a dream

Once in a lifetime.


I am Anjana Lahuri. I work in Taxes

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