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My Prayers #3


It is the pandemic the world is fighting with

It is unfortunate the globe has to surrender to a hidden germ

Many reasons cited by many people

 Some said:

It might be because of the incessant running of mankind in a robotic way

Forgetting human relations

Forgetting their own home itself

Some said:

It is because of man’s merciless murdering of nature and its refugees

Forgetting his history with them since the times unknown

 Forgetting their company in all his endurings and endeavors

Some said:

It could be a slap given by God to get his own creation on to its knees for its proud thought

 That there is nothing on earth it couldn’t control

Well !

Whatever the reason How serious the repercussions might be

We wish to take it as solely your play

As planets are spinning as per your skit

As the solution is also as per your way

We bound to it:

If it requires persistent fight with an unseen virus

If it requires the advancement to turn to a healthy path

If requires stubborn Patience to pass on a deadly catastrophe

If it requires to alter our perception of life

To switch the meaning of life

Shift the goals of life

O God:

All we need is a hope instilled by you

To learn the lesson that is intended to be taught by you.


I am Anjana Lahuri. I work in Taxes

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