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Pain, the deepest as if the highest is unfathomable

pain, silently sprawled   as if nothing else is prevailed

pain, scorching the soul torturing it as if it never existed

pain, peacefully persisted as if it consistently lasts all the way

pain, strongest as if it is toughest to make a move at all

pain, darkest as if the eyes can’t see brightest further

 pain, the coldest as if worst shivering squeezing all over

pain , as cruel as if it smashed the real me out of shape

pain, as thorny as made me puny, pinching me ruthlessly

I better not to question why it is paining so much

I better not to care why it  Pang me weirdly

I better not to bother how long it raids on me

I better not to try how to win over it tirelessly

I better opt to endure it painlessly

I prefer to let it strike me until I came clear of my wordly role and the reason behind it.


I am Anjana Lahuri. I work in Taxes

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