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My Prayers#5(Corona Dark Face)

Dear God!

Corona the sick monster

Wherever it is born However it is spread

However it took turns Whatsoever its ugly attacks

Though it is a sudden break to the bullet fast age

Though it is an unexpected hit by an unwarranted dark ghost

Along with the fear, the world is raking with the pain subjecting to the glaring fact:

The affected has to face social stigma

 Forgetting whatever the relationships are

The patient has to face humiliation

The family has to be seperated

The society has to be prejudiced

Even the Covid warriors have to be mortified for all the sacrifices they have done in fighting with the virus

Along with the resentment people have to be pressed under the misfortune:

It is a  stab on the confidence of developing age

Many have to lost their livelihoods

Many had to be distanced from their homes

Many had to be mortal orphaned

Ever the real heroes who fought risking their lives

On the name of one tough temporary bug

Why should we forgo all the sensitivity

Why should we invite a new kind of distancing

That we fought for centuries to gid rid of

Well, its not fair.

Hence O God!

We face a step back of advancement.

Not a step ahead of detachment.

Bless us with the cure.


I am Anjana Lahuri. I work in Taxes

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