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A Robotic creature turns up to a Doctor and says

I am touched by Corona

I wish you do serve me well treat me well

But its family says to the Doctor

 Don’t touch us

As you touch the Corona patients

What  If the Doctor says the same?

All the family is kissed by Corona and stamped under earth.

A lifeless spirit bumps into a police on the road and say

I may hit by Corona

I wish you guard us well against its spread

But don’t come near us

As you may around the contagious

What if the police says ‘go to hell I don’t care wherever you roam’?

The herd will be murdered by a bad virus brutally.

A brian-less soul orders a municipality worker or a nurse or any person delivering their services in this terrible battle;

To perform their activity properly

Yet it treats them like untouchables and objects them entering their own houses

What if they renounce their aid and sit safely at home

The fool soul suffocate to breath in its own shelter

We are not robots I suppose

We are neither life less spirits nor brainless souls

We are empathetic as well as sympathetic

 It’s time to gear up to share Its time to widen shrunken thinking

Its time to fulfill our dutiful part It’s time to shed the broken reasoning

Confining to the home

Confining to the messages from our rulers

Confining to the society’s propriety

Confining to the nation’s rationale

Flaring a big bow to our protectors

Pledging a big owe to our uniters

Wait for a bright blooming Sun coming!


I am Anjana Lahuri. I work in Taxes

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