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Love #1

Quoted  through literature in countless quotes

Written ornamentally through infinite poems

spoken gracefully in diverse languages

By phenomenal poets By radical lovers

 Sung through musical melodies

In precious ragas, In treasured beats

Narrated soothingly through fascinating stories

On drama stages, On cinema screens

Still means a mystery

Well it is everything

 Hell it is nothing

Well it is everywhere

 Hell it is nowhere

Do you explain the emotion in one sentence?

Do you explain the elation in unique phrase?

Searching in countless pages? screeching from the clueless mazes?

It might be a trance two pure souls stuck into each other!

It might be a panorama two hearts can look into each other! 

Till the day the depth is unfathomed

pull the ray the light is lived

Nil is the way if failed to understand

Bay is the lay if wrongly entered

Yet the sweetest.


I am Anjana Lahuri. I work in Taxes

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