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Gig of Bug(Corona)

Why am I looking strangely beautiful

With galore-color masks on my sneezy nose

When my eyes look more glassy vigilant striking

Speaking everything over from the detective mask

Why am I feeling so immaculate

With more and more of sanitizers on my dusty hands

When I am like a valore to defeat any virus

Standing arms length with a suspected gesture

With a web-series on Netflix With my favorite dish on plate

With a throwback hilly-view from the window

 With a hand on the game board hidden on the attic 

With a sight into the album thrown into a cornered shelf

Memorising the years back moments

 Remembering the once lived habits

Oh! there is a good out of the bad bug

Oh! there is a gig out of the Corona nag


I am Anjana Lahuri. I work in Taxes

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