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My Friend

I need an amplifier to get my happiness multi-folded

I lend a downsizer to get my sadness meaningless

I borrow a mendor to get my mistakes cut with sharpness

Oh, where am I searching, I have my friend always there for me.

I have always a warm space to laugh loudly

I have always a shoulder to rest on my cryings

I have always an affectionate hug to hold my fallings

 Oh whom about I am thinking except my friend

There was a secret room for me to hide my secrets

There was a silent spreader of my uplifts

There was a magic barrier of my outbursts

Oh which virtue I am mentioning that my friend doesn’t have

I don’t wish to be less for my friend; I owe my precious time to my friend

I reserve an ultimate place in my life to my friend

I do mischiefs,  I play crazy games with my friend

I stand there where my friend needs

Oh what a great personification God has created to rely upon throughout.


I am Anjana Lahuri. I work in Taxes

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