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Try Different

I read a moral story

It is quite interesting

It instilled me with a honourable idealogy

It said:

It is not novice you always pray for you

Certainly it is, if you pray for others a spell

It may not surely profitable to your budget

But definitely helpful for your heart.

It said:

It’s not wonder you always regard you

Strictly it is, if you think about others in a while

It is purely selflessness in your principles

All the same, it enriches your beliefs.

It said:

It is routine you always boast your own good

Earnestly it is not,  if you host about others whilst

It may be merely a gesture of your confidence

At the same, rarely you get an amazement like this.

It said:

It is bore when you always cry for your troubles

Thoughtfully it is not, if you for once cry for others scuffles

It is not practicable to follow the imperative

But it is refrangible to a different perspective

You are ready to be stunned

Realising, your tears never ever were that worthy!

What a surreal story I read

Sure! I may have the pleasure to try the brochure of the story for real.


I am Anjana Lahuri. I work in Taxes

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