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Beacon of hope

North Garo hills

I stood still perceiving the eye-catching glimpse of faded orange Sun, through grayish clouds dusking down,

From a greenish blanketed hill, that draped dark silver metallic foam all over

With a flicker of creamish yellow stripes of sinking Sun, spilling thin light beams over the relaxedly stretched water body, ready to shift to the Moon’s magic.

I waited wondering the Sun comes up from the side of the hill where it doomed,

The darkness captured me, failing my efforts to see the Sun track and drowned me into sleep.

To my surprise when I woke up, the Sun started to raise in wheat-yellow streaks on the other side of the hill which I didn’t expect

 And it raised and raised into a full blown reddish fire of hope.

Then I observed it falling from over the distant mountains touching it’s residents through the rays of romance.

It also sank into the deep down sea, scattering it’s colors in a floral pattern, giving a cosy touch to the thrilled blue water.

And again it shocked me, raising from up above in a different direction, ending into myriad landscapes.

Keeping me unguessed from which corner the ray of hope may kiss me this time- lest it may disappear somewhere into haze if I am not intelligent enough to catch it on time and brighten myself up to flourish in the way I wish.


I am Anjana Lahuri. I work in Taxes

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