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Fancy is not always the Destiny


I ran to the sea shore to find an astonishing sea stone that I never seen 

Only dreamt about it’s beauty and healing nature 

I couldn’t find one, but I stumbled upon a pebble stone smoothly finished from pierce beating of gay sea waves

It gave me gentle touch, serene sensuality

When I rubbed my palm around it

I thought of gemstone and I left the pebble there itself

I presented myself at the temple before the holy shrine and wondering to proffer  big things for which God may be pleased

I never cared to look at the forbidden forlorn looking pitifully at me in Hope of shedding a coin from my bustling pouch

Perhaps God might have pleased if I concerned

I am hallucinating an ideal stature to love me while I knew certain that the figure is unreachable for me by all means

I failed to hurl an acknowledgement of the person always stood before me waiting for my recognize

It is too late -when I retrospect myself for always tailing after the fancy things and neglecting the very real very lovable normal life – and went back to collect the pieces that I left regardlessly


I am Anjana Lahuri. I work in Taxes

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