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My Country

North Garo hills- Meghalaya

It is never going to end if I sing my country’s greatness

It is ever and ever springs up if I ring the bells of my country’s Eminence

I worship my country’s vedic knowledge that made my country sacred source of spirituality

I boast my country’s rich cultural mark that attested with global signatures

I laud loudly my country’s commendable value system that aligned in coherence crores of its citizens into idealistic bonds

I raise forward along with my country’s progressive vision inspired multifaceted

I remember and chant my country’s history book that preserved the stories of never dusked  Sun’s and their ever dawn impressions on this puritan land

I swore my duty as a patriotic citizen in my country’s advancement in leaps and bounds that flare it’s flag proudly over the seas

I aspire for a due regard in my country’s futuristic shaping for everybody’s hopes and aspirations

I shout as if my voice echoed around the globe as “I love my country  I owe my country I salute My country”


I am Anjana Lahuri. I work in Taxes

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