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Life is still there

Today I have a long list of things to do

I can’t choose which one is to go through

I am confused lest I may not rightly prioritise

I am baffled I can’t attend the entire list

I am anxious to sort out my gist

Maybe I work throughout the clock and finish the job

Maybe better to act on whatever comes to my nob

I wonder how busy my calendar turned out  today

I remember just a few days back thenĀ 

when I was struggling to pass my day

Wondering what was the life about

Why should one to live with all it’s give outs

Why am I not interested anything

I am sure the people are caring about illusionary things

When they clearly know that nobody is exempted from death

And I thought of nothing but death

I realized today

How ignorant I was back then

Not knowing the life’s purposes

To learn from losses

To motivate from gains

That there is a long life ahead of me to live

There is something God has created me to give

I woke up with the revelation

When I am conflicting to select from the agenda that spread ahead of me

That a peaceful consistent mind may help me to travel my life subsistence to it’s maiden purpose.


I am Anjana Lahuri. I work in Taxes

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