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Beauty of Meghalaya


The land where greenery is the masonry

The home where the wooden deity dances at her ecstatic supremacy

The space where the beam of light fights with flora to kiss Earth’s Aura

The temple where the chilly clouds abode with tranquility

Even It is beyond poetic verses to narrate

Even It is out of scope for an artistic vision to interpret

It is a mirror of sky reflected in green color

The Gable bamboo roofs are the stars studded all over

The enterprising water bodies scattered as cloudscape, boosting nature’s aroma over the hills and gorges

Wooden cottages, wooden boats, wooden bridges, wooden tendrils

A faithful cohabitation of mankind and it’s truthful plants in tree houses

A bona fide of man and plantae in the warmth of winter bonfires

A hill dwell in traditional clad

A rain fountain on Himalayan stand

A green heaven seen on brown terrene

A sheen Garland on North East crown.


I am Anjana Lahuri. I work in Taxes

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