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She # God’s Creation

God has given a long thought for her creation

He closed his eyes, gone to deep meditation

He shouted for strong power as a personification

 He startled with the blow he felt through devotion

He urged for immense patience as a form

He needed to be patient till it is born

He prayed for the knowledge to be moulded In a stature

He read the chants to understand the layout stationed

He wished for wealth to take a cast

He was greedy enough to see the richness sculpt

He was shyish to want beautiful universe as a figurine

He was blindfolded to withstand its Glory when it is ready

 He solicited to see the galaxy of tenderness to be an embodiment

He fell asleep with a warmth touch of a soul he felt

 He sensed he got what he illusioned in Yoga

He relieved at once as he got the shape stood in front

He created “She” but never dared to see directly at her, fearing he might not be able to do it


I am Anjana Lahuri. I work in Taxes

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