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Time Wheel


Time wheel, A dormant reel of the present

A self set seal on the dark past

A self treated heal of the scar cut in the past

A self tuned deal of the coming dates

 It wheels and wheels and wheels…..

Whether one likes it or not

Whether one tracks it or not

Whether one counts it or not

Whether one preserves it or not

Whether one directs it or not

Never stops Never rests

Never pauses Never reclines

Times unknown how much it ran, except a

few bumps of chronology through few spells of digging

Times never known how much it may run further except a few scribbles of imaginary stories through few petals of fiction books

It runs and runs and runs……….

Whether one runs along with

Whether one freezes tired of breath

Never resists Never protests

Never complains Never objects

History never calculated it’s speed

Future never forecasted it’s road

Except the present learned to survive as its mood

One can’t number of it’s spokes 

One can’t assume of its patterns

One can’t figure out of its shades

One can’t trace out it’s path

One can’t catch of its pase

Except one can say,

It hosts two pages: the dark one and bright one

And  one can decide themselves,

 On which page their mark to be signed

Bright one or dark one

It rolls and rolls and rolls ………..

Whether one makes a mark on it not

Whether one stamps an impression on it or not

Into the Clocks unknown

Into the Chronicles unwritten

Never bothers Never hassles

Never  troubles Never frustrates

Just recedes into the old

Just proceeds into the new

As the Sun ascends in the East

As the Sun descends in the West

©Anjana Lahuri@2020


I am Anjana Lahuri. I work in Taxes

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