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Happy Teachers Day

There is some story spread around

 In different versions in different conclusions

 I just caught something in an immature version as I am not a philosopher, neither a guru

Who teaches inspiring versions to the knowledge seekers

After creation of Vishnu, to preserve

After creation of Shiva, to destroy

After creation of Lakshmi, to the wealth

After creation of Saraswathi, to the knowledge

He sighed a relief when he got parents to take care of his creation, family to see the welfare, friends to share, nature to cradle and the entire universe to frolicking and gambling

Still there is a vacuum persisted , void unavoided

As a spark he jerked with a waking

That there is a need of a medium to decipher the code of crust he made

And to disseminate to the core of its guests

It indeed:

 A great creation, A Teacher, A Guru

A Marga-darsak, a great wisdom,

 Whoever in that line, to hold a distinctive responsibility of directing the human thought into a right direction

A Gods representative, a disciple of Matha Saraswathi

Starter of our knowledge with alphabets on the slate

Expander of  their significance on the notebook

Teacher of  lessons to open a door to the complex world

A shaper, A moulder, A layer of life’s foundation stone

Indeed needed for the generations to come and go…..

To all the teachers I am blessed with in and around my family specially my brother, Sister in law, My late father,My uncle, My Cousins, and my friends – all are Teachers


I am Anjana Lahuri. I work in Taxes

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