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My prayers#6(To A New Place)

Our journey from Resubelpara to Shillong

You ought to leave the people who loved 

You ought to leave the ones who served

You ought to leave the place that hosted

It’s uniqueness you shared

Your memories with them

Your gratitude for them

Your foot-prints on it

Your loving about it 

Your heart weighs with the same fact;

Your thoughts succumb with the same draft;

That you may not look back: 

And see the place that was once part of your life;

And meet the people again who were once part of your life;

When the change is inevitable;

When move on is the only option available;

Accept the fact with the mature lot,

And move:

To a new place that is waiting for you;

To the new people who joins you;

To the new pictures added to your frame beside you;

With a gentle smile, 

With a forgettable file,

With the fact of the life’s line,

O God !

Give me the strength to leave behind

The past and welcome the future,

In a very normal way as a normal person with a normal life.

© Anjana Lahuri@2020


I am Anjana Lahuri. I work in Taxes

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