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Squirrel’s Help


Cutey naughty Squirrel

Flittering up and down the tree

Flaunting coily- twirly tail this and that

Hushed on the courtyard to pluck a cereal spread on the floor

Sat on the floor,

Blinked and winked the twinkle eyes

Robbed and grabbed the grain nicely

Jumped from the ground to a secret place

Ate some

Stashed some under the ground

Proudly felt it saved for future

It kept on doing the hiding job actively

As it forgot about the treasured one actually

And never collected the nut from  preserved spots again

Innocent Squirrel did the stashing job all her life

Years later,

The hidden nuts sprouted out as plants

Grown big as trees

Upon the branches, the squirrel kids Happily played and played

Started the same job again

The Squirrel doesn’t know

 The prudent responsibility it held upon it’s tiny hands

Towards the next generation

For humans and of course for Squirrels

Hence Squirrel’s performance appraisal

Happy nature’s renewal

Happy humans beneficial


I am Anjana Lahuri. I work in Taxes

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