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Crushed Love

It is just an illusionary poetic expression and is not
intended to anybody’s life or situations.

I subsided under an orthodox cruelty

I bent down to the family prejudices

 I shutdown to the society’s stage-acts

I compromised for everyone else’s happiness but not mine

I am haunted by perverted honour killings

I am jinxed by superstitious witch-crafts

I may be able to live normally 

Like nothing ever as beautiful as you happened in my life

 I may pretend solitude 

Like any suffering as you occurred in my life

 I can be able to lead my life peacefully

 l can be able to pass my life flawlessly

I can be able to enjoy my life more than ever

I can love the person who comes into my life with all my heart and more than anybody else


I can’t say sure 


I will be the same person again

© Anjana Lahuri@2020


I am Anjana Lahuri. I work in Taxes

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