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Skill is also a beauty


Poor me

I started beautifying me

I tried prettifying me

I learned embellishing me

I stuck on to the obsession of decorating me

As I thought  it is the important requirement of all

As I thought It is the sought out thing by all

I forgot  I could dance and mesmerise all

I forgot I could sing and tranquilise all

I forgot I could paint and hypnotise all

I forgot I could write and influence all

I forgot:

I can do many more things and activate all

I wasted all my talents for the obsession to look perfectly

How sorry I am

It is only I woke up when I spellbound listening the people sing

It is only I realized when I awestruck seeing the people dance

It is only I came to know when I Bewitched by the paintings people draw

It is only an eye opener for me when I read the Writings people penned

I thought of my skills only when I learned about the other’s skills

And the importance attached to them

More than the beauty

Poor me

I learned in totality

Beauty is not the entirety

Skill is also a celebrity

© Anjana Lahuri@2020


I am Anjana Lahuri. I work in Taxes

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