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Send off to Song (Mourn to Melody)

The Ragam that ruled the generation, come to stop

The charanam that meant for veneration, term to halt

The pallavi that hailed for reverence, put to shut

But only physically

But only worldly

Not actually from the hearts of music lovers

Not really from the songs of musical 


And also not from the tunes of music instruments


And forever

Sounds in the fans dance shots

And forever 

Rhymes in the fans melody beats

Echoes in the vocals of musicians

Vibrates in the voices of singers

And forever and ever

Lives in the Chronicles of Indian music

 SP Balasubramanyam

Gana Gandharva

Swara Brahma

Swara prathishta

Raga Marthanda

Na Bhuthe Na Varthamana Na Bhavishya

© Anjana Lahuri@2020


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