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My prayers # 7 ( Be a guest in the past)

On a cloudy dark day
Past the late evening
Before the midnight
The thunders bolting at their highest
Hell like lighting is striking out side
As if
The Overwhelmed sky is crashing into streaks
And roaring to gulp the feeble earth into the storm
The treedom is waving vehemently
Carrying the devilish wind
And helpless to face the catastrophe

I am stretched on bed lifelessly
Trembling to the ghostly sounds over the roof
I see the dark emptiness
Though my eyes are wide opened out
My dreadful thoughts ran back to my childhood days

How my mother father sister brother and me used to spend our days:

How my father would sing for us
When the lights goes off
To make us not scary

How my mother would tell stories of my grandparents
How my sister asks all the doubts
How my brother says “hmm” all along the narrations

How we used to dine together in moon light
How we as a beautiful family
As a unit in ups and downs
Lived in our bonds
Spent over the years

What happened to those days
Now only have sweet

I have a separate family now
I wish I could get it without parting from my parent family

Tears wetted all the bedding
Pain is dreadful than the storm outside

I wonder If I really accepted the reality
I felt an impulse for an instant
I could ran back to my my parents
And be that fondest kid again
Though I am growing up my kids now

Not possible
I knew better

Maybe I should only give the guest appearance in the past
And host the present
Maybe it is the cure to move forward
Maybe it is for greater good of everyone

How could I
After all I am a human being
Caught up in the relations
I am defeated to win in the course of life

What do you think?
Is it easy to move on in life?
By letting go of our past?
Our memories?

I wish the cloudy nights do not bother me anymore

O God

Give me strength to follow life’s course

Accompany me in this tough race


I am Anjana Lahuri. I work in Taxes

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