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Mobile Mania#Kids



I requested my daughter to eat something

She agreed only if she is allowed to use cellphone while I feed her

I begged my daughter to take bath 

She said okay only if she is allowed to play with the mobile after

Even to the bathroom sometimes

I grabbed her to make her hair 

She nodded on the bargain that she is provided with YouTube comedies 

I thought of buying her a new dress

She said it should be exactly the one she saw in a children video

I announced a favor for her by presenting cute hair clips and a Barbie

She ordered it should be complemented with a good makeup kit like in some video game

I proposed her to join classical dance class

She wondered why should I bother her when she can learn online cute kids dances

But I get some comfort when I observed her learning all the moral stories and mythologies on her own

What do you think?

Is It the case with you all?

Can we guess the advancement of this generation?

Will it be more comforting?

Or will it lead to chaos?

It’s beyond my imagination?

After seeing Corona?

I can’t be sure of anything

I can fiction all the things

I wish like all parents

In someway

Everything turns out to be wonderful for the next generations

Wish them best,,,,,🙂

© Anjana Lahuri@2020


I am Anjana Lahuri. I work in Taxes

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