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End of the day is good

I tried meditation

Maybe my day dreaming

Maybe my illusion or hallucination

I saw myself on a time machine

It sped fast the phases of my life

There were achievements that I celebrated

There were failures too I learned from

My graph was like a Sine wave

The ups and downs are equally scattered

There were a few spikes 

Some ridges too

I was wondering standing in the machine

Why am I beating myself taking my future course?

When the life course is clear from the graph?

That means everything turns out to be good shaped from the bad

What needed is consistent effort and self-realization

Then I pressed the button to return back to my present day

It seems the present is required much attention

It necessitated peaceful mind and positive thinking

Pretty much hard-work too

Most importantly to live in today itself

I think I learned what should be my approach to life

With this serene knowledge

I woke up from meditation

I smiled to the very second I am living now


I am Anjana Lahuri. I work in Taxes

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