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Victory of Good over Evil


 It is celebrated 

On the occasion

Killing of Mahishasura by Devi Chamundeshwari 

And the effigy of Demon will be burnt

 It is celebrated

As victory of Rama over Ravana 

As a remembrance of Arjuna’s killing of Kuru warriors

For Goddess Saraswati, for art, culture, knowledge

It is meant to worship the weapons

For killing of Evil

For smooth functioning of all professions

It is treated as a start to Diwali celebrations 

And the wealthGoddess Lakshmi is venerated

In all the forms

The theme is same

With same message


“Victory of Good over evil”

“Strength of Dharma over Adharma”

Happy Dusshera

@ Anjana Chakarvarthy@2020


I am Anjana Lahuri. I work in Taxes

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