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Happiness Always#Baba Leelalu


I heard a story that taught me great moral

Though it doesn’t include great characters

Though it doesn’t include great screenplay

Though it doesn’t include gorgeous costumes

It is about a spiritualist named Dasagunu, A disciple of Shirdi Sai

Jagadguru to the ardent devotees

Dasagunu sought knowledge about Eeshavyashopanishad a great book of spirituality

He discussed with scholars

He didn’t get what he wanted to know about

His Guru Shiridi Sai read his students mind

And he wanted to solve his dilemma 

Guru sent Dasagunu to another disciple Kakasaheb’s house 

Instructed him to stay for few days there

The student just followed his Guru

And went to Kakasaheb’s home in Villeparle

He has seen a maid girl there

Who is so jovial, who is so cheery

Who is full of happiness

Who cheeks are glowing with contentment for what she has in her life

Though she wore ragged clothes

Dishevelled hair

Poor appearance

Singing all the day about a red saree she is dreaming about

Dasagunu felt pity for her

He gave her a new red saree of her dreams the next day

She came in the new attire the immediate day

Again She is working with the same happiness, same delightfulness

Dasagunu felt happiness for making her happy

The next day she came as usual

In her ragged cladding

Unkempt face

Uncombed hair

But her happiness is not missing

She seems more happier with each coming day

She seems more lively every next day

As a sudden blow

Dasagunu realised the reason his Guru has sent him to that house

He made him learn from that poor girl

About how to lead life happily

Irrespective of the circumstances

When you have everything

Even when you don’t have anything

Tears rolled down from his eyes

For his Guru’s extraordinary teaching

In a simple way

That never be taught by complex books

In sophisticated languages

But through a very normal maid girl

In soulful bliss

He paid his prayers 

From his inner soul itself

With closed eyes

Folded hands

With dedicated soul

To the ultimate soul

O God

Give me the eternal knowledge

To understand your divine acts

©Anjana Lahuri@2020


I am Anjana Lahuri. I work in Taxes

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  1. Thousands of likes Anju … Sai is samardh sadhguru who can explain complex things in simple manner … alwaz leads his disciples towards path of enlightenment … This is one of your greatest work 🙏🏻 stay blessed

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