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Multiplier effect


My dream has come true 

I am poured with congratulations

My energy got doubled

My confidence tripled

My work multiplied

I got my goals achieved one by one

I am overwhelmed with success series

I realised it is the multiplier effect of my good time

Just like the glowing phase of Moon

Blooming day by day

Flourishing day by day

Sprinkling its light all over

Sharing it’s boon to the life on earth

It is overwhelmed in its full form as a full blown bloom

It is the multiplier effect of Moon’s illumination all over the world

That kept the world to have wonderful nights


I failed miserably 

My dreams are shattered

My goals are broken

I am pointed out by everyone

I face negativity wherever I go

I am pushed out everywhere

There is not one thing that I am proud of

There is no one person I am praised by

I am overwhelmed with the sad sequences

I realised it is the multiplier effect of my bad time

Just like the descending phase of Moon

Gloomy day by day

Darkness day by day

Dreading it’s melancholy all over

Stalling the light everywhere, spreading the desolation everywhere

Fearing it’s bane to the life on Earth

It is underwhelmed in its absence on a new moon day

It is the multiplier effect of new Moon that throws the world into darkness, into chaos

Now I know the life pattern too

Bloom for some days

Gloom for some days

I am ready to face it

I am ready to learn from it

As I am sure

Nothing is permanent

Except my fighting spirit


I am Anjana Lahuri. I work in Taxes

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