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Miss you# childhood



I miss my childhood

I miss my tree-bed

I miss my palm tree shed

I miss decorating my doorways red

I miss hanging to banyan tree tread

I miss playing in the streets

Without any fear of vehicles

Without any fear of kidnappings

Without any fear of borewells

Without any fear of modern day’s malice

I miss my school days

Pledging in the big compounds

Playing in the intervals

Swarming around the ice-cream cart

Licking it till the stick comes out

I miss my evening tuitions

Where looking at the book only when the teacher gazes

Fully immersed in overtures in their absence

I miss trying to be a best student

In my teacher’s eyes

Though occasional cane beating and kneeling down were unavoidable

I miss our student groups

Frequently changing the sides

Not speaking to each other for some days

Making it a spicy news for all others

I miss tailing after my Mother

When she was colloquing with aunties

Tailing after Daddy when he goes up to the snack-bunk

Loitering around him to get a five Pisa coin

And running to get five golden brown finger rolls to eat

I miss listening to grandparents bed time Stories 

I miss their gifts for festivals

I miss eating tamarind lolly-pop

I miss eating roasted onion from the burnt coal chips

I miss eating red pickel rice mixed with Ghee

I missed eating home made snacks 

Secretly picking from the steel containers

Day-long until it is emptied

I miss going out into fields 

On the day of Ganesh chaturthi

collecting leaves and flowers for Puja

And taking sundry items to the teachers

Returning with their blessings

I miss mutual cheek-slapping with my friends when my teacher tests us over Mathematical tables

I miss every sweet memory of my generation

Where the transition took so fast

We can’t get back at any cost

As we entered into an age that is running fast

And we should run along with it

Whether we like it or not

Though we can enjoy postmodern day’s comforts too

A glance into our childhood

A trans into the once our world

© Anjana Lahuri@2020


I am Anjana Lahuri. I work in Taxes

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