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Supreme sacrifice

How can and in what way we value A Jawan’s sacrifice:

Who goes to border knowing the odds

Knowing that his life is full of thorns

Knowing that his family was there behind

Waiting for him 

Parting from him

Praying for him

But only with one patriotic thought 

Burbling all over the nerves

That I am born to serve the Nation

That I am born to sacrifice for my country

Settings aside all the comforts 

Abandoning all the luxuries

How can and in what way we thank the Great Jawan’s family:

Sending their man to Army

Knowing the grave fact that 

He may or may not come again

They will or will not see again

But for only one honorary service

Guarding the borders

As divine guardians

Amidst severe weather conditions

Amidst strict uncertainty

How can and in what way we make equal our gratitude to these warriors and their families:

With just an appreciation?

With just a momento?

With just a commemoration?

Knowing the fact that

It is only because of them

We are living safely

We are leading comfortably

However :

The great guardians anyway will not expect anything from the people of Nation

Except a high respect

Except a light in people’s eyes for the high flight they ride for us

We should summon a great vow to our soldiers

We pray the God 

To grant them great courage 

To grant them great strength

Though we can’t value their sacrifices

Their supreme sacrifice must be  venerated

And be provided their families

With highest positions in service

Highest accolades in society

I bow to my soldier

I bow to my soldier

As they are the legends

As their high spirit reverberates

© Anjana Lahuri@ 2020


I am Anjana Lahuri. I work in Taxes

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