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Fiction may turn into a Reality

I guess fiction is not  fictional any longer

It may turn into a reality

I dare say it after Corona

Can’t deny after its clawing on Man’s freedom

I stress fantasy is not a fantasy any more

It may popup as an actuality

I care say it after Corona

Ain’t delay to believe after its beating on the man’s safe nest

I insist obscurity may not be bound to lead to darkness

It might miraculously sprout as a light

I better say it after Corona

Do presume of anything as you wish after its teaching of great lessons about man’s dwelling in comfort zones and it’s repurcussions

I persistent invisibility of anything is not a complacent thing to lay resting

It may mean to show dangerous visible effects

Won’t take for granted of something 

after chasing Corona

Don’t neglect even a miniscule dust particle as we learned from sudden shoot of a dormant creature upon man’s existence

What if imaginations come true

Happy with good ones

What about bad ones?

O My God…. can’t imagine!

What if hypocrisies rule the world

Meaningful if meant for optimism

What If they drive pessimism?

O My God……I can’t illusion!

Better stop cumbersome speculations

And bothersome ranting saying

“That life can’t be the same again”

Yes it will be……for sure

It’s time to hope

Hang on to a confidence rope

Until Corona backs

And fear be sacks

Good days are very soon to come

Don’t give up climbing 

Until push down Corona from the world’s slope!

© Anjana Lahuri@2020



I am Anjana Lahuri. I work in Taxes

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