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Bye Bye 2020

Bye bye 2020

We are sorry we are obliged to forget you for your harsh treatment of us

That you allowed a foreign dust to swarm upon us that suffocated our breaths

Bye bye 2020

We are angry for  the bitter experiences you have engraved upon us

That you rubbed a nasty alien stuff upon our noses that robbed our entire lives

Bye bye 2020

We are in a hurry to give a grand farewell to you 

For your punishing us with Corona 

That made our throats bulged our voices choked terribly

Bye bye 2020

We are in a dire need to sweep you away Along with your ugly flu from our ways

That you have to accept to be a bad memory forever for us

For all the reasons;

For separating us with the social distancing

For clutching us in deadly fear

For entangling us in strange scare

For slaughtering our livelihoods

Bye bye 2020

We hope

It’s an end to the sudden explosion

Wild spread, deathly dread, Covid 

And it’s cruel stigma, it’s  idiotic enigma Except which nothing memorable you had survived

Bye bye 2020

We hope you give way

To a serene 2021

© Anjana Lahuri@2020



I am Anjana Lahuri. I work in Taxes

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