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Happy Makara Sankranthi

O Sun, you are the symbol of divinity and wisdom,You are moving from “Dhanu Raasi” to “Makara Raasi”.

 We are celebrating “Makara Sankranthi”.

We are welcoming to the new of everything.

Thank you lord, you gave us a bountiful harvest.

O Sun, you look more beautiful this month? 

May be you are watching tradition bound Rangoli’s of village lasses.

I get bored of these shopping malls and super markets; 

I come along with you to the Rangoli Mela’s.

O Sun, you look warmer these mornings? May be you are sitting at rural bonfires of sweets, sugarcane, and rice.

I am fed up of these room heaters; 

I come along with you to those sacred spots to cast off my sad past.

O Sun, You look more cute in twilights? May be you are eating sweets of Sesame, Paddy, Khejurer gur, Coconut, and Milk and in all shapes of drums, knives, swords.

I am tempting for home made love-filled sweets. 

I come along with you to those “Sweet Bhandagara’s”.

O Sun, You look more naughty these days? 

Maybe you are running along with children, taking kites all over village streets and fields.

I want to divert from these plastic balloons. I come along with you to the fields of “Red chillies”.

O Sun, You look more colorful in the evenings? 

May be you are participating in “Haldy-Kumkum” get-together’s of women.

I am bored of these artificial colors and flowers. 

I come along with you to get sanctity with “Pasupu-Kumkuma”

O Sun, I come along with you 

To the” Maghmela” of Uttarapradesh,

To the “Ghugutia” of Uttaranchal,

To the” Ganga Sagar Mela” of West Bengal,

To the “Makar Mela” of Orissa,

To the Lohri of Punjab,

To the “BhogaliBihu” of Assam,

To the “Makara Sankranthi” all over India.

I come along with you.

O sun, I enjoy bathing with “Bhogi Pandlu.”I invite “Haridaasu” with newly harvested rice.

I play for “Gangireddu’s “music.

O Visible God, I come with you to visit the wealthy, prosperous cultural India. 

Take me along with you. 

Bless me in this New Year.


I am Anjana Lahuri. I work in Taxes

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