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Happy womens day


Who is still fighting for her own place 

For an unconditional love she poured for her family 

Who is still waiting for the appreciation she had deserved 

For the sacrifices she done at the cost of her individuality 

Who is still bearing patiently 

The negation persisted in valuing her decision 


At tough times 

Embrace any difficulty 

With enormous strength

With open arms 

With unbounded  perseverance 

To stand as a pillar to hold the crumpling family tree.


In troubled waters

 Face any challenge 

With her courage 

With her talents 

With her fighting spirit 

With her ambitions 

To stand unique in whatever the field she choose

To hold a position of her own in country’s crown 

@Anjana Lahuri @2021



I am Anjana Lahuri. I work in Taxes

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