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Quick Start

I am a disturbed creature 

I am a troubled soul 

I am a neglected being 

I am a loser 

Do you feel that way?



How about going to a temple? 

Sit solemnly 

Absolving yourself  

How about going on a long drive? 

In a route

With no halts

How about a refreshing movie? 

Better If your favorite star’s

Or Comedy

How about a boat drive in chilling water?

No problem if you don’t have a company

You can dive in to the nature in symphony

How about roaming around? 

Green fields

Rustic landscapes

Wait wait 

It’s already much time wasted 

Thinking about what to do 

Unable to make a decision 

Only to get more disturbed, more troubled…

Quick quick 

Stick to the first thing 

That strikes your mind

That soothens your soul

That comforts your heart 

Let me tell you

Recovery is not a big thing 

Resumption is not a tough swing

Happiness is not that far away

@Anjana Lahuri 2021


I am Anjana Lahuri. I work in Taxes

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