There are galore of colours in life;

As many as in a sky-bow.

How could I only see a dark one?

There are plenty of shades of life;

 As many as in existence.

 How could I only feel the sorrowness?

There are many clear cut paths through the life;

As umteen as meant by optimism.

 How Could I always stick-up into a maze?

There are varied beliefs about life;

 As many as in humanity.

 How Could I Only believe in hatred?

There are legion angelic moments of life;

 As more as leading to the enlightenment.

 How Could I Only live in death?

The questions are endless.

 The only answer is my prayer to you.

O God!

 For all your wizardry:

shower me with all colours of life,

Screen me in all the shades of life,

 Emancipate me about all beliefs of life,

Guide me through the honourable paths of life,

Stimulate me to live only in merry moments of life, in an optimistic way.


I might not have been in this world if my mother didn’t give the birth

I might not have seen it if the Sun doesn’t exist to show me

I might not have get the knowledge if my teacher didn’t teach to me

I owe to the people who put me on this earth

I wonder what is the purpose for my being here

what if I don’t know the way to live

But I have a Sun to my life

The first man in my life

The fountain of my life

The man who invited me with his affectionate hands  first into this world 

Who hugged me to his heart with oceanic emotions

With warmth tears

The man who has shown the world to me having my little hand in his hand

The man who told me the brave things nourishing his fingers through my hair while l recline on his chest

The man has fulfilled my every need in advance

The man who tapped on my shoulder for my successes

The man who never left my side in my failures

The man who thrived day and night for my growth

 The man who forbidden his wishes to pray for my wishes to be fulfilled

My Father, my role-model

I wonder I might not have known the way to live without him.

To all the fathers who paved an inspirational path to their children to move on

Salutes in million ways

My Prayers #1

Even when the world is upsidedown for me;

Even when I shattered with the difficulties I couldn’t cope up;

Even When I battered with the torments I was unable to bear;

Even when I shrunken with a broken heart that I couldn’t mend;

Even when I engulfed by the swirls of dread that become the Shadow of mine;

Even when my eyes are scorched by the heat of desertion and humiliated by the mirages;

It is my prayer to the ultimate power;

with folded hands, closed eyes, pure soul:

O God!

Don’t make me to loose the hope upon you;

 That you will rekindle my destroyed life.

That you will lit my dilapidated ambitions.

May be by catching even a last ray of daylight – ready to doom into dusk and directing towards me.

May be by picking a light streak of a cyclone – lasts only for a glint and throwing upon me.

May be with a cinder born out of collision of insensitive lithos and ignite my collapsed life.

May be in an innumerable ways .

May be in a single miracle way.

And rejuvenate my life in a spectacular way.

Dont make me loose my hope upon your caress upon me.


You look so lovely today;

Lovely too;

Gorgeous too;

Vivacious too;

Too, too,too…

What is the secret!

Glitter angel asked me; hovering in the lush grass, in a cloudy night.

Yes I am! I said.

Why should I reveal it to you!

You seem so proud of you; that you only can glisten like a queen.

But it is my day;

I shine, I sparkle, I dream, I said.

Oh, I know the mystic behind your gallance, she said.

You are going to be a bride!


Allow me to decorate you dear, she said.

Oh no… what you know about beauty except blinking in the dreadful darkness, I said.

Don’t you see I am beautifying the duskiness, she said.

I become a bright bindi on your blushy face, she said.

Mama Moon promised me on that, I said.

Stick me to be a stud on your magnificent sarry, she said.

The glorious stars got that chance, I said.

Set me up in your brilliant Bangles, she said.

Snow lets are chilling for it, I said.

I wonder if I wrap around you.

Cool breeze took the pleasure.

I bring my whole group to shower on your head.

The floral squad will fight against you.

Atleast let me dab my glow upon you.

The snowy spray is waiting to do.

Alright then, she said gloomily.

I felt for her.

Fine then!

You can ride over my forehead to be my monge-tikka and glitter as much as you want, as natural you do.

New Leaf

The dusty crumpled leaves blossomed with a blow of monsoon rain-bead;

The weary soil put on the dustcles bearing the fresh muddy flavor;

The ploughed farm hide the early water-drib as precious as prosperity;

The thirsty rivulets quaffed the inaugural spring-pour quite greedily;

The fatigued birds draw their wings to douse thoroughly;

I suppose, I got the message:

It is not simply a new season;

It is not barely a new colour of nature;

It is not merely a new beginning;

It is wholely a new way of thinking, trying something novel, aspiring new cherishes.

Heart #1

You think the robust waves spring only in the Sea!

No No;

Your heart always jostle them;

A tide of joyous, an ebb of gloom.

You feel the Sun blisters only in the space!

Your heart holds it all the time;

An ignition of achievement, a scald of sufferings.

You are mistaken if you think the thundercloud bursts only in the sky!

Your heart always handled it;

The cracks of life’s faults, the sparks of life’s felicities.

Don’t be mad to capture the loveliness only from roses!

Your tender heart forever preserved them;

Sweet memories, passionate dreams.

I am certain, you know it;

For eternity your heart protects the emotion of LOVE

Love your heart;

Love the love that your heart loves.


I am sad:

As I am not lovable;

I am not beautiful;

I am not adorable;

I regret:

As I am ugly;

I am unworthy;

I am stupid;

I wonder why still am I alive;

When I am ignored,hated;

I cried and cried;

I slept tired.

I had a dream :

The beautiful lotus flourished through the mud;

The forest flames sizzled in the wild forest;

A dazzling diamond spurged from the dark coal;

The Lucifer is blinking its identity when all the stars made their way back home;

A lustrous pearl is projecting out from an ugly oyster;

I am incognizant when I woke up;

But I started seeing the world through my wonderful heart;

That was loved by all;

Which is the only asset to be loved, to be cared, to be admired.


I am devastated when I found myself in the darkness

I don’t find a way to come out

I am afraid Is this forever!

Stop worrying; some body said.

Can’t you wait till the morning!

Should I!

You must!

I wonder what should I do meanwhile!

I asked somebody.

Just whatever required to move on from the night, she said.

I agreed, I slept peacefully for some time;

The light never showed up!

I can’t wait more!

I wonder I would do something to get the dawn;

I did some braveries;

I displayed some intelligence;

I tried some novelties;

I am frustrated.

I asked somebody; what more should I do to get the glory!

She said;

You attempted all the virtues except the one that is required;

It is the patience!

Be diligent till the darkness passes;

And see what you can see!

I listened this time;

It was my inner selfsaying;

I could pass on to the morning;

The threshold of my life.

To embrace all the brightness spread there.

My Baby

When I searched for splendour pearls in a shell;

I am surprised I found them in my baby’s cutey mouth.

I am proud to turndown the bow of rich roses;

As I had countless of them in my little one’s lovely cheeks.

Why should I be awestruck at the wonders of the world;

When my toddler himself is a wonder to me.

I am not interested in a fairytale anymore;

Now I am living in it.

I stopped hunting for divinity everywhere;

It is right infront of my dearone’s godly eyes.

I don’t accept if anybody says the stars are more sparkling than my kids milky teeth.

I dare to laugh at Moon God when he assumes he has the cool continence than my darlings.

I cherish being a mother.

I am revelling in motherhood.

I wonder,

Is there anything more sacred than this!

I can’t fathom a delightful duty than this.

I am certain,

It is the Reverend responsibility.

Mother Nature

I sensed tranquility 

I wonder the reason

It is the nature:

The radiating Sun eluded behind the cosy clouds

The whipping wind cools down to gentle breeze

The pouring rain slenderised  to a soothing drizzle

The roaring sky flattered by the praising seashore

Mother earth quivered in shivering mist

The mighty roses beating the naughty bees coyly

The cute calf sucking the milk in ecstacy

It is my turn:

 I can’t stop my soul from singing solemnly

I won’t shut my mesmerizing eyes glancing solitarily

I shall not obstruct my legs from dancing intensely

I am excited to work till I am drenched in sweat beads

I would love to tune my heart beat into a beautiful melody

I would tame my breath as a pleasing vocal


I am blest to chant the marvelous nature’s mightiness earnestly

I knelt down at your toes

Admit my bows.


I am a child:

All I know about is happiness

I am happy dwelling in my parents love

I am cheerful playing with my friends in the world I know

I realised the happiness is not everlasting

I need to pray God to last it forever

I prayed to keep my friends forever

I wished him help me dodge from my parents for my mischiefs

I begged him to protect me from my teachers cane-lashes

Done with the problems

I never need to ask anything from God.

I am a teenager:

My world is marvelous with new sparks

Spectacular like a rainbow

Even then I had a gift to take from Almighty;

I may be showered with high laurels

I may be blessed with a lovely partner

I am delighted;

God fulfilled my list.

No more urges.

I am middle- aged:

I am satisfied with my little family and fortune

why am I again aching to call my Highness quite often

I suppose something is void in my life

I want to clarify with him

I am afraid it can’t be a wish to do something great

But it is;


I want to be a celebrity though I am obscure of its meaning

The dream wasn’t come true

The SupremeBeing might have reserved a big thing for me

I am not satisfied

I brooded all my life about it

One day a sudden storm broke out

Humankind lost its hope of tomarrow

To my surprise God spared me, my every thing

Now I understand what assurance should I take from him

Now I could see many kids who didn’t feel happy childhood like me

I could notice the teenagers who couldn’t accomplish the things I had

I could see many who didn’t have normal life but a suffering

O God:

Give me the hope

Give Me the strength

Give me the courage- to dream a glowing future even in the last flick of hope

Accompany me every second

Make me walk in the path you paved for me

O God:

I am greatful to you

I am blessed by you

I am contented.