My prayers #7

O God! There may not be a great purpose for my presence on this earth but surely something about it as you took the time to create me

May your divineness caution me to never become the part of worst purposes

O God! allow me to praise you

You are our Divine Farmer

We are just the dust under your foot

Thy knew how to plough the universe

Thy knew how to sow the seeds

Thy knew how to trim the plants

Thy knew how to manoeuver

Thy  knew how to reap the harvest

Thy knew how to destroy the leftover stack

O God allow me to praise you

You are our Divine Guard

We are just a hay that smashes under your sight

Thou knew how to guard the universe

Thou knew how to draw the line to our extremes

Thou knew how barricade our lives

Thou knew how to behold our actions

Thou knew how to squeeze the best of us

Thou knew how to punish the worst of us

O God! bless me with spirituality

O God! bless me with immateriality

©Anjana Lahuri@2020