Grand Mother Said

Grandma Said: They welcomed the days with a clear view of bright-orange-red Sun dawning over the hills They invited the mornings with the whistles and chirps from their henhouses and tree nests They costumed the twilights with decorated thresholds and auspicious rangoli’s They received the midday’s charm with farming and eating amidst the blooming harvest

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New Leaf

The dusty crumpled leaves blossomed with a blow of monsoon rain-bead; The weary soil put on the dustcles bearing the fresh muddy flavor; The ploughed farm hide the early water-drib as precious as prosperity; The thirsty rivulets quaffed the inaugural spring-pour quite greedily; The fatigued birds draw their wings to douse thoroughly; I suppose, I

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Mother Nature

I sensed tranquility  I wonder the reason It is the nature: The radiating Sun eluded behind the cosy clouds The whipping wind cools down to gentle breeze The pouring rain slenderised  to a soothing drizzle The roaring sky flattered by the praising seashore Mother earth quivered in shivering mist The mighty roses beating the naughty

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