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I Am Seven – My world is Heaven

I am seven

My world is heaven

I don’t know what my parents are worrying about

I don’t think buying toys for me is a big task

Buying chocolates and ice-cream should not be a problem either

It seems they are bothering something else that is not important to me to know

As I only focus on how to drive my train faster than my friend Nikky’s

How to fly faster with my plane than his

I wonder why our teacher ask me to write all the A B C D’s and 1 2 3’s daily as it is irritating

I doubt what the grannys always fuss about that I never understand

I try to discover what mommys talk over the walls

I am not happy as my sister never plays with me

I don’t care though

I have plans to go to toy shop with Dad to buy new fire truck

I enjoy going to park with Mom

I watched Cocomelon, Geckos-garage, Micky mouse-Minny mouse and Blippi…

I played with my toy puppy, we ate together, sleep together

I like real puppy too as it is funny when it wags its tail

I am seven

my world is heaven….

Anjana Lahuri @2023