End of the day is good

I tried meditation

Maybe my day dreaming

Maybe my illusion or hallucination

I saw myself on a time machine

It sped fast the phases of my life

There were achievements that I celebrated

There were failures too I learned from

My graph was like a Sine wave

The ups and downs are equally scattered

There were a few spikes 

Some ridges too

I was wondering standing in the machine

Why am I beating myself taking my future course?

When the life course is clear from the graph?

That means everything turns out to be good shaped from the bad

What needed is consistent effort and self-realization

Then I pressed the button to return back to my present day

It seems the present is required much attention

It necessitated peaceful mind and positive thinking

Pretty much hard-work too

Most importantly to live in today itself

I think I learned what should be my approach to life

With this serene knowledge

I woke up from meditation

I smiled to the very second I am living now

Mobile Mania#Kids



I requested my daughter to eat something

She agreed only if she is allowed to use cellphone while I feed her

I begged my daughter to take bath 

She said okay only if she is allowed to play with the mobile after

Even to the bathroom sometimes

I grabbed her to make her hair 

She nodded on the bargain that she is provided with YouTube comedies 

I thought of buying her a new dress

She said it should be exactly the one she saw in a children video

I announced a favor for her by presenting cute hair clips and a Barbie

She ordered it should be complemented with a good makeup kit like in some video game

I proposed her to join classical dance class

She wondered why should I bother her when she can learn online cute kids dances

But I get some comfort when I observed her learning all the moral stories and mythologies on her own

What do you think?

Is It the case with you all?

Can we guess the advancement of this generation?

Will it be more comforting?

Or will it lead to chaos?

It’s beyond my imagination?

After seeing Corona?

I can’t be sure of anything

I can fiction all the things

I wish like all parents

In someway

Everything turns out to be wonderful for the next generations

Wish them best,,,,,🙂

© Anjana Lahuri@2020



You get caught up in a situation like

You are helpless completely

However cautious you are

However strong you wish the opposite

Like a fish fell over the bank

Like a rat drowned in the tank

Like a cheese spread under the bread

Like a neck stuck in a  noose

 You can’t do anything

 You can’t think something

You can’t spell aloud a thing

You can’t cry at least as the least thing

Except praying God

That you forgot  long back

That you didn’t believe up to now

As a sole hope to get over

Whatever the form it comes to rescue

Uttering as a last resort

O God

Save me

I will owe you all my life


She as a Father’s daughter

Gone are the days daughters died unborn

Gone are the days daughters made house maids

Gone are the times daughters are sold on the name of kanyadanam

Gone are the times daughters are knotted as sheep’s in the market

Now are the days daughters are father’s most loved

Now are the days puja’s made for daughter to be born

Now are the times daughters run big establishments

Now are the days daughters have a say about their life

Whom they marry

How they built their own castle

As a Princess

Not just roams in the palace as once did

But also runs the palace

Not just enjoys being served

But also serves the needy

Not just dreams of the prince

But selects her man from the crowd too

Today’s daughters is the symbol of love

Whose smiles are cherished by all

Whose dreams are sought by all

Whose love is shared by all

Above all I can proudly say

A Father’s daughter

I wish the exceptions are washed out one day

Sun is the first


Yours is the first kiss from darkness

Yours is the first touch from stillness

You are the first friend from gloominess

First ray of hope is yours

First slap on laziness is yours

First blow on dizziness is yours

East to West Sun is the hot

North to South Sun is the Smartest

© Anjana Lahuri@2020

My prayers # 6 ( Be a guest in the past)

On a cloudy dark day
Past the late evening
Before the midnight
The thunders bolting at their highest
Hell like lighting is striking out side
As if
The Overwhelmed sky is crashing into streaks
And roaring to gulp the feeble earth into the storm
The treedom is waving vehemently
Carrying the devilish wind
And helpless to face the catastrophe

I am stretched on bed lifelessly
Trembling to the ghostly sounds over the roof
I see the dark emptiness
Though my eyes are wide opened out
My dreadful thoughts ran back to my childhood days

How my mother father sister brother and me used to spend our days:

How my father would sing for us
When the lights goes off
To make us not scary

How my mother would tell stories of my grandparents
How my sister asks all the doubts
How my brother says “hmm” all along the narrations

How we used to dine together in moon light
How we as a beautiful family
As a unit in ups and downs
Lived in our bonds
Spent over the years

What happened to those days
Now only have sweet

I have a separate family now
I wish I could get it without parting from my parent family

Tears wetted all the bedding
Pain is dreadful than the storm outside

I wonder If I really accepted the reality
I felt an impulse for an instant
I could ran back to my my parents
And be that fondest kid again
Though I am growing up my kids now

Not possible
I knew better

Maybe I should only give the guest appearance in the past
And host the present
Maybe it is the cure to move forward
Maybe it is for greater good of everyone

How could I
After all I am a human being
Caught up in the relations
I am defeated to win in the course of life

What do you think?
Is it easy to move on in life?
By letting go of our past?
Our memories?

I wish the cloudy nights do not bother me anymore

O God

Give me strength to follow life’s course

Accompany me in this tough race

Father of Nation


I am not saying again and again about an unknown person

I am remembering again and again the icon the world known

I say again and again 

What the world says


He is an inspiration book

He is a history book

He is a political book

He is a book of personality development 

I say again and again 

What the world says


He questioned the racism as one of its victims

He lead the farmers as one of them

He road for the workers as one of them

He taught the industrialists 

He drove the common man to the highest fighting spirit

He dreamt for unity

 I say again and again

What the world says


He is the symbol of greatest simplicity

He is a fighter like a knight

He is a hero of all generations

Whose words still relevant

Whose concepts still relevant

Whose notions of way of life still relevant

Who is still alive:

In people’s thoughts

In administrative practices

In human relations

I say again and again

What the world says

Our father of Nation

Our leader of Independence

Our pride for the generations

© Anjana Lahuri@2020

In the woods

Morning Morning

Twilight Morning

A bamboo cottage

Far from the footage

A channel in the runnage

Dashing the boulders 

Pushing the pebbles

Sitting on the rock

Surrounding the grass

Birds chirps

Water-falls jigs

When the Sun strikes the ray’s over the cheeks

Then the Tea cup spikes the foam over the face

What do you think the tranquility more than that

Yes Yes

I saw a painting like that

Such a lovely-lively thing

I felt I was in the drawing

Cherishing the natures soothing

Wish a good morning

Rush to the new starting

Anjana Lahuri @2020

Send off to Song (Mourn to Melody)

The Ragam that ruled the generation, come to stop

The charanam that meant for veneration, term to halt

The pallavi that hailed for reverence, put to shut

But only physically

But only worldly

Not actually from the hearts of music lovers

Not really from the songs of musical 


And also not from the tunes of music instruments


And forever

Sounds in the fans dance shots

And forever 

Rhymes in the fans melody beats

Echoes in the vocals of musicians

Vibrates in the voices of singers

And forever and ever

Lives in the Chronicles of Indian music

 SP Balasubramanyam

Gana Gandharva

Swara Brahma

Swara prathishta

Raga Marthanda

Na Bhuthe Na Varthamana Na Bhavishya

© Anjana Lahuri@2020

Your Way


However different the people around you

However difficult the situation you are in

However challenging the path you have chosen

If you want to move forward

You should have your own way

That never compromises

That never complains

That never fears

That never surrenders

That always be unique

© Anjana Lahuri@2020