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I Am Seven – My world is Heaven

I am seven

My world is heaven

I don’t know what my parents are worrying about

I don’t think buying toys for me is a big task

Buying chocolates and ice-cream should not be a problem either

It seems they are bothering something else that is not important to me to know

As I only focus on how to drive my train faster than my friend Nikky’s

How to fly faster with my plane than his

I wonder why our teacher ask me to write all the A B C D’s and 1 2 3’s daily as it is irritating

I doubt what the grannys always fuss about that I never understand

I try to discover what mommys talk over the walls

I am not happy as my sister never plays with me

I don’t care though

I have plans to go to toy shop with Dad to buy new fire truck

I enjoy going to park with Mom

I watched Cocomelon, Geckos-garage, Micky mouse-Minny mouse and Blippi…

I played with my toy puppy, we ate together, sleep together

I like real puppy too as it is funny when it wags its tail

I am seven

my world is heaven….

Anjana Lahuri @2023

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Lucky Life

As long as you do –

the tasks that keep you busy

the works that keep you healthy

the things that keep your dignity

the relations that keep you happy

the matters that do not spread negativity

the thoughts that fill you with positivity

the ambitions that maintain your integrity

the achievements that show your specialty…

you are at no guilty.

you are the lucky.

a package of versatility…

Anjanalahuri @2023

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Buggamalleswara Swami Temple in Daida, a place to peace.

Bugga means water spring and here the water flows from underneath the God Shiva seated in the form of lingakara . The big water stream is covered with the small temple which is believed to be built during the times of lord Parasurama.

As it is only half kilometer from the nearby village Daida, the village people, farmers, herdsman and shepherds would hang out here most. As small small springs available in the flat red rock beds there is no dearth of water for quenching their thirst. the construction done for channeling the water into the square pond through Nandeeswara mouth (sacred animal for Hindus) and delivers out into another stream that runs in the small valley up to Krishna River on the bank of which again God Shiva meditating in a cave has been an amazing site for the devotees who comes there. one can happily take their food there, bath in the pond, play around, eat in over the rocks, meditate or rest and can return with refreshed minds. the only drawback is there is no smooth road facility through the village that needs proper attention.

Anyway, I am proud to say it is in my village.

—Anjana Lahuri.

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I am more than that

When people judge you in a certain way 

When people underestimate you in all the ways 

When people decides you to live in a particular way

When people declare you as overrated 

When people demonstrate what they gave you and not what they got from you 

When people can’t see what you are for them

When people hurt you again and again 

It is up to you to prove them wrong 

It is your burden to prove your capabilities 

It is your responsibility to show them that you deserve best 

You can do better 

You are more than what they think 

And wait for your day…


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Open the new door

When you know straight and clear,

The door to your long lasting dream had been closed once for all…

The truth is that you can’t stick to that closed path forever .

You need to accept the reality.

You must setup another ambition.

Where you had your strengths, 

Where you had scope, 

Where you can give your best…

In concurrence with the circumstances around and the wide possibilities… 

The door to our goals though closed at one end,

Might open at some where else,

In different name, on different path, in different versions. 

It’s up to you to see it,

And grab it in your way…

@ Anjana Lahuri 2022.

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Give up fuss

Just giving up might be giving you peace on situations which you can’t get any better 

Just giving up might be providing you respect on things which you can’t avoid getting humiliated 

Just giving up might be settling you with confidence on things you seek others to care.

Just giving up might be saving you from depression on things that are eternal expectations 

Just giving up might be keeping you happy on things that never going to give happiness.

 Give up fuss! Get better! No matter what!

@Anjana Lahuri 2022

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When it is important to me


Why can’t I stand up to a bond?

With my dear ones 

When I am not calculative

Not stubborn 

Not jealous 

Not stupid

And wicked.

Why can’t I live up to a relationship?

With my dear ones

 When I am genuine 




And humorous 

To the extent to sustain that friendship 

When it is important to me 

More than anything in this world…

@Anjana Lahuri 2022

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Life is a book


Here is an interesting theme 

My daughter brought to me 

While I was making her hair 


Is it true that life is a book?

She chuckled and said;

My friends were saying.

In That:

There will be pages for  past, present and future 

Some pages that were more interesting to us,

Some were dark

But we never know the future 

Until we flip 

What the creator has written for us?

We only dream and try 

But can’t dictate it?

I was awestruck for the kids of this generation 

They are not just kids as we think 

They have a brilliant thought process 

It is only a guidance what we can give with our experiences.

Here I have a script kindled from my daughter’s narration 

It is not solely the creator of script knew what is in it

The editors and publishers know 

But not revealed until we flip the page,

As the God’s support the creator 

They will edit his creation

And publishes only  after mutual consent 

Once our life page flipped to the present 

It is then we can write our own 

And submit for God’s approval 

Isn’t it interesting 

Though a bit spiritual…

@ Anjana Lahuri 2022

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Being Normal

Fresh morning 

Raise with the Sun’s raise 

Have breakfast,

Curd rice and pickle?

Idli sambar?

whatever you wish…

Race with the work

Pace with your strength 

It’s lunch time right?

Rice and dal?

Roti and Sabji?

Whatever you have in your stock…

Again work or tour?

Some other task?

Which doesn’t disturb your normality…

Which doesn’t destroy your peace…

It seems very normal, right?

Not really… 

If you analyze normally …

It is a great blessing God poured upon you.

Ask someone who lost their normal life, if you don’t believe me…

Who had forgone their peace forever…

Being normal is a priceless fortune as somebody said…

@Anjana Lahuri 

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I wish

I miss the days
The festival fervor;
The occasion when we summon ourselves to celebrate,
buying new clothes for which we wait anxiously
Buying new shoes,
Buying new powders, new earrings, new necklaces,
Smearing Mehandi over hands and legs,
Then the celebration starts;
With head bath,,
Wearing accessories whatever bought
Roaming to all the relatives,
Eating home made snacks,
Playing daylong in the streets,
Mobile free, selfie free, social media free…
The new dress wouldn’t be changed;
Until all the celebration is fulfilled,
Until the festival is finished,
I am not saying I want all those days back…
I am not that selfish.
I only wish;
My kids also get such days,
And the same fervor,
Even more,
Before the world transforms into a,
Robo-tech, Digi-task, infinite G, oxy- incubator…