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#My Sister

Our Angel

         I never expected I would get a day to write about my sister-that her life ends abruptly.  Without enjoying the success that she had achieved. Without fulfilling the dreams she had dreamt. I don’t know how to take the game of fate – she didn’t have a slightest clue that something that big is going to happen to her. Of course for us too. She shred her last breath so easily in a blink of time Without any suffering. Everything was happened so quickly.

       We both had a liberty to study professional education that many of girls couldn’t get in those days. That was only possible because of my father’s employment and his strong aspiration to see his daughters independent. My mother’s ambitious and hardworking attitude added to our success that we both could turn out as gazette officers,  which again was not possible for many girls. 

        She always was a hardworking and bright student and upto intermediate she had been the topper. She wanted to be a doctor but she  couldn’t get it. For the rank she got in MSET I.e. 13000, she only got Veterinary seat. Though We didn’t have any deficiency to live a comfortable life, it was a bit high to afford a payment seat of medicine for us in those days. So she had to join in Veterinary without much interest. Her dissatisfaction had gotten deep rooted in her mind that she couldn’t focus on Veterinary. She didn’t appear/pass for final examination as she kept on reading for MSET again. For her displeasure she got the same rank and same category. Though she had determination,  she lacked maturity to get over it and took it hard to heart to continue in Veterinary. 

—To be continued