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Buggamalleswara Swami Temple in Daida, a place to peace.

Bugga means water spring and here the water flows from underneath the God Shiva seated in the form of lingakara . The big water stream is covered with the small temple which is believed to be built during the times of lord Parasurama.

As it is only half kilometer from the nearby village Daida, the village people, farmers, herdsman and shepherds would hang out here most. As small small springs available in the flat red rock beds there is no dearth of water for quenching their thirst. the construction done for channeling the water into the square pond through Nandeeswara mouth (sacred animal for Hindus) and delivers out into another stream that runs in the small valley up to Krishna River on the bank of which again God Shiva meditating in a cave has been an amazing site for the devotees who comes there. one can happily take their food there, bath in the pond, play around, eat in over the rocks, meditate or rest and can return with refreshed minds. the only drawback is there is no smooth road facility through the village that needs proper attention.

Anyway, I am proud to say it is in my village.

—Anjana Lahuri.

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Give Back

Nature has spectacular ways to heal your problems

Do you have the clean mind to absorb its medicine?

Nature has the best ways to say hello to you every day

Do you have the sufficient time to wish her back with a content smile?

Nature has a consistent way to recreate and regenerate according to your needs

Do you have the courtesy to maintain the same decorum?

Nature has beautiful ways to show you beautiful

Do you have the same sense not to intrude into her space and destroy her?

I think you have the broad way to give her back

To keep her intact

to inherit its grace to your next generations…

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Chirapunji, that takes around one and half hour from Shillong, the head quarters of Meghalaya is a beautiful place to have a compulsory visit. But one can only enjoy the sceneries and the weather if we choose the correct climate, winter is the best. During rainy season the weather is unpredictable and we can’t see fully if the clouds scattered everywhere. Sometimes it will turn out as adventurous tourism as the clouds lands on the hills to the extent that we can’t see the road also and it will be tough for the nonlocal drivers as they wouldn’t have the clear idea of the season here. it was only my observation. But with a little bit study before you go about the climate and everything, it would become a memorable trip.